Students`s voice

Tokyo International Exchange College has more than 500students studying Japanese.
Here is one part of their voices. (This was translated from their original languages)

%e6%bd%98%e5%8f%8c%e5%ae%9a Name:Pan Shangding
I came to Japan to study abroad, under the teacher’s careful guidance, I was admitted to the Waseda University, after graduation to U.S.A Boston University for further studies. Now that I’m back in Japan, I feel the rhythm of life in Japan and find the living environment more comfortable. I like Japan, and the Tokyo International Exchange College.
limarady Name:Li Marady
When I came to Japan, my Japanese was not very good; however, the school was willing to introduce me to work opportunities for free.  This helped me greatly.  Now, that I have successfully graduated, with the help of the Tokyo International Exchange College, I was successfully admitted to the Kaetsu University.
janardangiri Name:Janardan Giri
After completing a one and half year Japanese language course, the Tokyo International Exchange College introduced me to their holding company Totech Corporation to work as an Engineer. The Totech Corporation is a highly respected technology company in Japan. I’m in this position only because of Seiko Hayama (principal of Tokyo International Exchange College) and all the teachers who have always supported and guided me.
nguyen-thi-mien Name:Nguyen Thi Mien
While attending the Tokyo International Exchange College in Japan, the learning environment is very friendly. I’ve made friends from all over the world, and the Japanese teachers taught me a lot of Japanese rules that helped me become accustom to Japanese life.  With the help of the Tokyo International Exchange College, I was able to succeed in Japan.
_20160305_191800 Students from Philippine
We all came from Philippine. All the teachers at TIEC are really kind and always smile at us. We did not understand Japanese for the first period, but the staff at TIEC is good at English and help for any trouble. Living in Japan and Studying the language is exciting. We want to make our efforts to improve and enjoy!