About acquisition of personal information

We acquire personal information properly, not by fabrication or other dishonest means.

About use of personal information

We use personal information only for those purposes below. When it is necessary to use personal information for the purposes other than listed below, we will gain a consensus in advance.

  1. Sending documents, and contacting
  2. Making application for Certificate of Eligibility and documents related to enrollment
  3. Sharing information within work related task in Tokyo International Exchange College
  4. For other purposes related to those above

About safety management of personal information

We prevent information leak, loss or damage. And we take necessary and substantial countermeasures for the safety control.

About outsourcing of personal information

If we outsource all or a part of the control of personal information to a third party, we hold impartial investigation against them and supervise them to make sure the safety of personal information is protected.

About the provision of personal information to the third party

We will not provide personal information to a third party without the agreement of our client, excluding the case when it is required by relevant laws and regulations.

About disclosure and correction of personal information

We immediately disclose personal information when there is requirement by our client. At the time of disclosure, we have confirmation of the identity and we will not be able to accede to the disclosure if we cannot confirm the identity.
In case there is a mistake in the personal information and we have request of correction, addition, or deletion, we will correspond immediately after the investigation. However, we cannot correspond to it if we cannot confirm it is the person him/herself.
When you have any requests or inquiries regarding personal information, please contact us.

Phone number: 042-669-4250
Tokyo International Exchange College