High rate to higher educational institution

Tokyo International Exchange College has 100% rate of making students enter higher educational stages. In other words, all students (who wish to go) goes to the next educational institutions such as graduate schools, universities, and vocational colleges, including one of the top universities in Japan. The following is a list of graduate schools and universities.(Alphabetical order)

National University

Akita University Utsunomiya University Tokyo Metropolitan University
Shinshu University Takasaki City University of Economics Chiba University
Tsuru University The University of Electro-Communications Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Tokyo University of Foreign Languages Tokyo Gakugei University Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Nagoya Institute of Technology Hiroshima City University
Mie University Yamanashi University Yamagata University
Ochanomizu University Saitama University  

Private University

Aichi University Aoyama Gakuin University Kaetsu University
Kanagawa University Keio University Kokushikan University
Shizuoka Sangyo University Shoin University Sophia University
Josai International University Shirayuri College Burnri University of Hospitality
Soka University Daiichi Institute of Technology Takushoku University
Daito Bunka University Chuo University Teikyo University
Kyoto Seika University Toyo University Nihon University
Niigata Agro-Food University Japan University of Economics Bunkyo University
Bunsei University of Art Hosei University Musashino University
Meiji University Mejiro University Institute of Technologists
Yamanashi Eiwa College Waseda University  

Graduate school

Asia University graduate school Ochanomizu University Kyoto University
Kobe University Komazawa University Saitama University
Tsukuba University The University of Electro-Communications Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tokyo Zokei University Yokohama National University Kyoto Computer Gakuin
Kyorin University Sophia University Hosei University
J.F.Oberlin University    

Furthermore, apart from university and graduate school, plenty of TIEC students aspire to go to selective specialized colleges mainly located in Tokyo. TIEC has wide range of educational partnerships with universities and specialized colleges.

TIEC regularly holds the career counseling seminar for students, inviting admission counselors from different school. This seminar is a valuable opportunity for students to recognize the information of Japanese educational institutions. This seminar is also well-received for admission counselors.