Good location of “Hachioji”

Tokyo International Exchange College is located in Hachioji, the western region of Tokyo. It takes about 45 minutes from Shinjuku, central area of Tokyo. Hachioji is renowned its reputation by one of the biggest academic town in Tokyo with good environment. Therefore, living Hachioji simply has some advantageous points.

Reasonable Rent!

Tokyo is said one of the most expensive cities to live in the world. It would be true in the case of living in the central area, but Hachioji makes its location possible to rent a flat from 30,000 JPY monthly. This amount is almost a half price in comparison with the central area. TIEC is able to support finding an apartment those who want to live in the outside of the school dormitory.

Student town of Hachioji

Hachioji has been maintained its reputation as one of the biggest student towns in Tokyo, and more than 50 education institutions are located. Hachioji has been bustled with young students, with comfortable and secured atmosphere. This location makes international students possible to mingle with local Japanese people by living in Hachioji; In other words, international students in Hachioji are able to enhance the understanding of different school in Tokyo before they pursue their futures.

Main Spot in Hachioji (External web site)