Business Course

Tokyo International Exchange College Business Course is a course for international students who wish to get a job in Japan.

In addition to learning Japanese, you can learn business Japanese and manners, and acquire skills that are advantageous for employment.
We also support your job hunting.



Outline of Business Course

Applicant :

Graduated from a university in your home country and pass N3 or higher.                                          Students who do not have N3 at the time of admission can move to the business course after passing N2.                         

Study period:

Up to 2 years

Visa type:


Content of study:

Comprehensive Japanese
JLPT preparation
Business Japanese
Japanese affairs

Class schedule:

Monday to Friday 9:00~12:15(90min×2classes)



In addition to the above

*Specific Skills Test Preparation Lesson(Guidance from exam application to employment)
Lessons held last year: Food service industry,Manufacture of food and beverages, Accommodation industry

*Guidance on the following from a professional career consultant
Career lessons 
How to find a job that suits you
How to write a resume/CV
How to take an interview
How to make an entry

*Computer skills(Excel, Word etc.)

Industries in which students work

Many partner companies and recruiting companies! Some companies have internship programs. Individual counseling by a career consultant is also available. 


Industry Number of companies
Construction Industry 7 companies
Machine Industry 2 companies
Automotive Industry 3 companies
Transportation Industry 3 companies
Chemical Industry 1 companies
IT Industry 9 companies
Hotel Industry 5 companies
Travel Industry 6 companies
Financial Industry 4 companies
Real estate Industry 12 companies
Human Resource Services Industry 2 companies
Welfare and Childcare Industry 3 companies
Food Industry 25 companies
Retail Industry 20 companies
Entertainment Industry 4 companies
Other 10 companies




Example of employment(1st year)

① Food company

Salary: 205,000yen + overtime pay
           Bonus/ Salary raise/ Social security/
           Insurance benefits included
Employment: Full-time employee
Holiday: 2 days off per week
Dormitory fee: 25,000yen per month

② Construction company

            Bonus/ Salary raise/ Social security/
            Insurance benefits included
Employment:Full-time employee
Holiday:2 days off per week
With dormitory

③ Building company

Salary: 263,000yen~380,000yen 
             Bonus/ Salary raise/ Social security/
             Insurance benefits included
Employment: Full-time employee
Holiday:2 days off per week
With dormitory

④ IT company

             Bonus/ Salary raise/ Social security/
             Insurance benefits included
Employment: Full-time employee 
Holiday: 2 days off per week
With dormitory




Q:I would like to take the JLPT as well. Do you have any
preparatory classes?
A:Yes, there is classes to prepare for the JLPT.

Q:I don’t know what kind of work I can do yet.
A:Let’s discuss and think about what kind of job you would like to do with our career counselors and teachers while studying at school.

Q:What Japanese level is required to get a job in Japan?
A:It is advantageous to get a job in Japan if you get N2 or above.

Q:Is there a dormitory?
A:Yes, there are men’s and women’s dormitories.

Q:Can I work part-time job?
A:Yes, you can work up to 28 hours per week, or up to 40 hours per week (up to 8 hours per day) during long vacations.


Registration Tuition
¥54,000 ¥641,000 ¥22,000 ¥33,000 ¥750,000
Second year
Tuition \641,000
Studying Materials ¥22,000
Facility ¥33,000
Total(yen) ¥696,000


1.JLPT exam fee:¥7,500

Students are required to take the JLPT twice while they are enrolled at our school. Please pay the examination fee of ¥7,500 for one test after grant the certificate of eligibility.

※If you have passed N2 or higher before enrollment, you don’t need to pay the examination fee.

2. Insurance:

In order for international students to live in Japan with greater peace of mind, students will be enrolled in the “Japanese Language School Cooperative Association” insurance program.

  First year
(Before entering Japan)
Second year
Insurance \10,000 \10,000 \7,900 \5,800 \3,300