Temporary & Long-term International Students Course

The students form Temporary & Long-term International Students Courese can study in the class which is same curriculum with Pre-college international students.

Eligible applicants: Dependent visa, Spouse visa, Permanent resident visa, Long term resident visa, Work visa (Long-term visa)

Class schedule:One of the following
① AM9:00~PM12:15(15minutes break)
② PM12:45~PM16:00(15minutes break)

If you wish,you can attend trial lesson for free .
Classes are determined based on the results of a placement test.

Registration Fees: ¥10,000

Tuition and fees:

6 months ¥270,000 → 260,000(Including 3 text books studying material fee)
3 months ¥135,000 → 130,000(not including text books-studying material)
1 month ¥45,000 (not including text books-studying material)

※Studying materials are not including to tuition who pay tuition 1 month or 3 months each

※To observe class (free) is always welcome. Please contact or visit us.