High quality support for fulfilling life in Japan

Tokyo International Exchange College have high quality support for students to have full-filling student life in Japan. Our support covers not only for studying but also for life in Japan. Teachers in Tokyo International Exchange College have much experience of teaching Japanese to foreign students and every one of them are qualified teachers of Japanese language teacher. Furthermore, they not only teach Japanese language but Japanese culture, daily habit, and social condition. They are always thinking about how to support students to have a full-filling life in Japan.

Also, school staffs’ work starts our jobs from checking students’ documents to make sure they will get students visa. And we support students to have good environment to live and study in Japan.

Our school own dormitories which are 5 to 15 minutes walk from school or nearest train station. They are in safe and comfortable area with convenience stores, grocery stores, and hospitals. We also display information of part-time job offers. We lecture how to write resume and manners at working places.