School Policy & Educational Policy of Tokyo International Exchange College

School Policy

Tokyo International Exchange College values fairness and equality and contributes to the world’s cultural development by raising independent international human resources.

Educational Policy

- We improve students’ understanding for Japanese culture and their ability of Japanese language skills.

- We encourage students to be globally-minded people with understanding of different culture and respect for each other.


Greeting from President of Tokyo International Exchange College

Welcome to Tokyo International Exchange College. I am Seiko Hayama, President of Tokyo International Exchange College. Our school has aimed to cultivate global human resources who have fairness, equality, and self-reliance since the establishment. Under this principle, we are trying to improve students’ understanding towards Japanese language skill and Japanese culture through Japanese lessons. And, we are having them acquire to be well-mannered cosmopolitan with mutual understanding of diverse cultures and mind of mutual respect. Our mission is to elicit young students’ potential abilities to the utmost by cultivating power to live on such as creativity, deep penetration and practical skills.
School is not the only place we learn. What is necessary is to learn from world’s situation and to create your own path, and that’s what the modern society requires us to have as a world citizen. At the upcoming society, so called Industry 4.0 or Society 5.0, modern technology and digital technique of big data and virtual reality will be developed rapidly by the use of AI and robotics.
To survive in this society as a “citizen of the world,” we must create our own way. It is a very good opportunity for students studying abroad to display your potential talents when you are facing difficult situation in different, new environment. We won’t spare pain to support you.
There is always immutable ethics no matter where you are or what the world is like. We always support students from all over the world so that you can not only achieve their goals and make their dream come true but to be global human resources with humble attitude and high ethics.

Tokyo International Exchange College
President Seiko Hayama


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Notification of Golden-week Holiday

Tokyo International Exchange College will have Golden-week H・・・

Notification of spring vacation

Spring vacation is from March 10th (Sat) to April 9th (Mon).・・・


Due to the Lunar New Year holiday, the school is closed on F・・・